With its sharp, dual-layered geometric pattern that moves as your point of view changes, Versum will be the focal point of your entrance’s design scheme. When paired with rich colors and bold furniture, Versum is a lively addition to a retro style decor.

Standard features

Energy-efficient glass : Energy-efficient glass has a low emissivity surface which reflects heat radiation. Depending on its position in the glazing, it will keep the heat inside the house or prevent it from entering.

Spacer : Novatech uses the intercept® spacer in its double glazing doorglass. This “warm edge” spacer type, combined with energy-efficient glass and argon gas, reduces condensation around the edge of the glass in winter.

Argon : The argon gas in your glazing reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.

Technology : This family of products features a process which allows the application of ink on glass,making it highly decorative without compromising privacy. 

Frame : Frame size varies according to glass size.

Standard dimensions

Insulated glass size : 13 ⅞×79”, 22×64”, 7×64”, 22×48”, 22×36”, 22×12″, 22×17”

Opening size : 13 ⅞×79”, 23×65”, 8×65”, 23×49”, 23×37”, 23×13”, 23×18”

Insulated glass thickness : 1”

Designer’s advice

Novatech suggests an entrance style to help guide your choice regarding this product:

Pure Chic

Trendy sophistification

Emphasize your doorglass selection by matching it with textured glass sidelites and transom. This elegant Pure chic combinaison has a refreshing style, providing perfect harmony between your architectural style and the current trend towards simplicity.



It is possible to change the included frame by one of these ones:

– Contemporary : Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

– NovaPVC : Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

Triple glazing

Add triple glazing to your doorglass to boost its energy efficiency.

Garage door doorglass

Looking to coordinate your entrance door and garage door? Garaga offers garage doors with Azur glass

Veron Windows doorglass are guaranteed for 10 years against seal failure, yellowing or deterioration