The highly defined texture and lines of the St-James model capture the essence of a natural décor.

Designer’s Advice : Looks great accompanied by Clear glass.

Standard features

Energy-efficient glass : The energy-efficient glass is a glass with a low emissivity surface which reflects heat radiation. Depending on its position in the glazing, it will keep the heat in the house or prevent him from entering.

Spacer : Novatech uses the intercept® spacer in its double glazing doorglass. This “warm edge” spacer type combine with energy-efficient glass and argon gas reduce condensation on the periphery of the glass in winter.

Argon : The argon gas in your glazing reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.

Technology: Inspired by beautiful scenes from town and country, the beauty behind these 3D models rests in their glass textures. You can actually feel the different surfaces engraved into the pattern.

Frame : The standard frame varies depending on the glass size.

Standard dimensions

Size of the insulated glass :22×64”, 7×64”, 22×48”, 8×48”, 22×36”, 8×36”, 22×17”

Size of the opening : 23×65”, 8×65”, 23×49”, 9×49”, 23×37”, 9×37”, 23×18”

Thickness of the insulated glass : 1”

Designer’s advice

Novatech presents 2 entries styles to help guide your choice regarding the product you are watching now:

1-    Chic 

Ultimate sophistication

The selection of stained glass in your door, combined with matching stained glass sidelites and transom, will bring unmatched distinction to your home. This Chic configuration will add to the aesthetics and to the value of your home..


2-    Pure Chic

Trendy sophistification

Bring emphasis to your doorglass selection by matching it with textured glass sidelites and transom. This elegant combinaison of Pure chic offers a refreshing style, and harmonizes today’s trend of simplification with your house’s architectural style.



It is possible to change the included frame by one of these ones:

– Contemporain : Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

– NovaPVC : Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps.

– Stainable : Extruded woodgrain PVC frame, Beige, must be paint, screw cover caps.

Energy-efficient glass

Add a second low-e pane for triple-glazing and even more energy efficiency!

Triple glazing

Add triple glazing to your doorglass to boost its energy efficiency.

Veron Windows doorglass are guaranteed for 10 years against seal failure, yellowing or deterioration