550 (Welded PVC)

Strike the right balance between an authentic look and outstanding efficiency with a 550 patio door. Available in a double or triple sealed unit, it offers superior energy efficiency and an unparalleled degree of comfort. Its outstanding finish makes it perfect for renovation projects. Installation is easy thanks to a wood/PVC frame. Consider enhancing your patio door with the right accessories, like a grid or integrated mini-blinds in white or satin grey.


Choice of openings and sizes – Exterior view

5′6′8′9′ & 12′9′ & 12′10′ & 12′

59½” x 79½”

59½” x 95½”

58½” x 81”

71½” x 79½”

71½” x 95½”

70½” x 81”

95½” x 79½”

95½” x 95½”

94½” x 81”

107 3/16” x 79½”

105 5/8” x 81”

141 5/8” x 81”

103 7/16” x 81”’

105” x 79½”

139 3/8” x 81”

116 1/4” x 79½”

140 1/4” x 79½”

114 5/16” x 81”

138 1/4” x 81”

Integrated Mini-Blind

Easy to operate and highly durable Novatech mini-blinds are a great way to let light in during the day while ensuring absolute privacy at any moment. Novatech’s mini-blinds are now available in two colours in order to suit any décor.

Grey blinds: temporarily unavailable

White blinds: some sizes temporarily unavailable

Available in white or satin gray :


Grill Options


Transoms and Sidelites

Novatech Patio Doors can be configured to suit your needs. With Sidelites and Transoms that are built directly into the frame, whether made of PVC or aluminum, our Patio doors offer an exceptional degree of water resistance.


Signature Handle

Choose the Signature handle available in various finishes:
brass, antique brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed chrome, and brushed antique pewter.



A large selection of colors is available on demand.